Sýnir færslur frá júlí 3, 2011

Information for foreign women in Iceland.

First of all: Welcome to Iceland, I hope you're happy here. As you may know a horrible thing has happened and if I can in any little way contribute in preventing this ever happening again I must try to do so. I hope you will not find this information sheet patronizing in any way, that is not my aim. I'm only trying to help. Iceland is not perfect. But we do have a good health care system and social care. Our health care is not totally free but it is quite affordable for the individual. We are also rather liberal and concerned about human rights . We are very liberal in sexual matters. Some might say too much so but that is just a matter of opinion. As far as the sex is between consenting adults we really don't care what you do. Out of wedlock, one night stand, whatever you want girl, you just go for it. We won't judge. If you don't want to get pregnant you can get contraception. It's pretty easy. You can buy condoms in every Apótek ( drug store .) If y