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Mr. Big Man

To the south we have quite the rancher 
who thinks he has all the answers.
If you’ll go to the bank
and ask how he’ll rank

they’ll laugh at that tiny dancer.

Cool cat.

So, you think you’re a cool cat
clever on facebook and allt that.
When the shit hit the fan
you blocked, hid and ran

‘cause really you’re just a little shat.

The Chauvinist fool.

When a bashing is your great plan
control to a difficult woman.
You're not very cool
just a chauvinist fool
in desperate need of a brain scan.

Johnny Bondage.

There once was a farmer named Johnny
who wanted a Playboy bunny
smearing people with shit
he thought was a hit
but nobody found him that funny.

Poor, unfunny farmer Johnny
was so lonely and horny
he longed for a spank
but the same old wank
he got from his five finger honey.


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